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We enable rapid genetic gain and improve the efficiency of breeding programs. As leaders in IVF technology for cattle breeding, we're fostering rapid genetic improvement through the use of the best bull and cow genetics.

We work with others that deliver IVF to dairy and beef breeders. This is how we were able to develop our pipeline of products focussed on improving your cattle breeding results.

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Enabling Our Clients’ Success is Our Success.

“Thanks to the ART Lab Solutions team, you are doing an incredible job! From the day I tested your media I saw the quality and that is what any IVF laboratory is looking for. Great communication, fast delivery, standardised products (with excellent results), our demands are heard and technical support provided when necessary.”

Noelia Ronda

Lab Manager at GeneFlow Pty Ltd. Tocumwal NSW, Australia

“Thank you Marie Ellul and Jeremy Thompson of ART Lab Solutions for your excellent service to us since we contacted you for the first time in 2016. We appreciate your prompt and reliable reaction to inquiries, your excellent service delivery and open communication channels. We are happy with your product range and the efficacy thereof. We are happy to recommend you as suppliers to any prospective IVF laboratory.”

Gerhard & Marlie Olivier

Veterinarian at Marlothii Embryo Services,
South Africa

“Thanks to ART lab solutions for providing an excellent range of IVP media! We started to use the media in 2019 while starting up a new IVP lab. These commercial media are very easy and straightforward to use. ART lab solutions is very open in communication, provides a good service and fast delivery of products. They were also very willing to discuss about the improvement of our IVP lab. I can highly recommend ART lab solutions for a bovine IVP lab.” 

Karolien Desmet

DVM, PhD, Laboratory Engineer in Embryo Production at Geno, Norway

“SpeedBreed has been using the range of bovine media from ART Lab Solutions for over 2 years.
The media has compared favorably with other IVP media that we have used in the past with both our embryo production rates and pregnancy rates improving.
ART Lab Solutions has provided a friendly, timely service with a commitment on product quality.
I can highly recommend using ART Lab Solutions for bovine IVP.”

Dr Richard Fry

Director at SpeedBreed, VIC, Australia

Our one-on-one or group training will teach all aspects of cattle IVF.

Our consultancy & business analysis services can maximise your outcomes.

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Marie Ellul

Media are designed to work with a specific protocol.

Have you tried a new commercial media system that appears to work in other labs, but you were dissatisfied with the results?  It is not that the media was ‘bad’, but that the differences in protocol between what is practised versus what is recommended by the media provider is not the same.  This is particularly so for IVM, the most sensitive part of the IVP process.  This sensitivity is due to the higher demands for substrates in the media by cumulus-oocyte complexes relative to denuded zygotes and embryos, simply because of the large number of cumulus cells co-incubated that significantly

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Marie Ellul

Association of Embryo Technology in Europe (AETE)

ART Lab Solutions is excited to be exhibiting at the 35th annual scientific meeting of the Association of Embryo Technology in Europe (AETE). The meeting will be held in Murcia, Spain 13-14 September 2019 which will involve a platform for knowledge exchange between scientists, practitioners, technicians and students. Come by for a chat on how we can improve your cattle reproductive success. ART Lab Solutions provides serum-free bovine in vitro embryo production media and embryology training courses. We hope to see you there!

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Marie Ellul

Bovine Embryo Assay Testing Now Available

Ever wondered whether your laboratory system or consumables could be contributing to poor cattle embryo results? Show your embryos love by ensuring quality in your system via a Bovine Embryo Assay (BEA). ART Lab Solutions is now providing quality control testing to clients who want control and confidence in using embryo-safe laboratory products. Items for testing can include, oil, media, everyday laboratory consumables such as plastic dishes, tubes, 4 well dishes, micro-injecting pipettes, and reagents (basically anything that may come into contact, directly or indirectly, with the cattle IVF embryo). The bovine embryo assay is a measure to ensure safety

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