In the cattle IVF industry, to collect eggs from cows at a significant distance from a central laboratory should be the most efficient, cost effective way to develop a strong IVF industry.  But that means ‘shipping’ eggs overnight from the collection site to the laboratory while letting the eggs continue their maturation processes.

ART Lab Solutions has developed a new medium, “Transport VitroMat”, that enables eggs to be matured whilst in transport.   Our new medium has produced outstanding results from abattoir-sourced eggs shipped to our laboratory from colleagues in Melbourne, Victoria.  We were amazed at the 75% viable embryo production from fertilized eggs (in the large volume group) – this is as high as even our best results obtained without transportation.

TransIVM Lrg & sml Volume

*The reference to ‘large’ and ‘small’ volumes refers to different incubation vessels used in this work. Data is representative of approx 50 COCs per group.

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