Artificial Intelligence & Embryo Selection

Can we predict embryo quality using artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic – it seems as if whole industries will be transformed by the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning principles. It’s a revolution driven by the ever-increasing speeds of computer processing, but how can this relate to selecting quality embryos? One thing for certain is that animal breeding will not be immune to the application of artificial intelligence.

A current work in progress that we are researching, as well as others, is the ability of artificial intelligence to predict an embryo’s potential to form a pregnancy or not prior to transfer.  The major challenge for adoption of the IVF embryo as the preferred option for cattle breeding is the resulting slightly lower pregnancy rates.  Therefore the question that remains is whether we can use artificial intelligence to ensure only viable embryos are transferred?”

Our preliminary research results, based on 125 IVF embryo transfers, suggests we can, and with great accuracy! Stay tuned…..

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