ART Lab Solutions develops and manufactures Research Wash, Research Fertilisation and Research Cleavage Medium for successful mouse fertilisation and embryo developmental results.

Our Product List


Research Wash Medium 

Non CO2-buffered medium for handling gametes and embryos in air atmosphere. Suitable for benchwork tasks.



Research Fertilisation Medium

Media to support gamete development and in vitro fertilisation. For use following in vitro maturation or in vivo collection of cumulus-oocyte-complexes. 

Requires CO2-buffering before use.


Research Cleave Medium

For zygotes and embryo development up to day 5 of culture.

Requires CO2-buffering before use.

All media have an 8 week shelf-life and requires the addition and filtration of 4mg/mL low fatty acid/fatty acid free bovine serum albumin (BSA) before use. Products must to be stored in cold refrigeration (2-8°C).  

All media undergo several quality control assessments prior to release, including Osmolality (mOsm/kg), pH at 37.3°C and a stringent one-cell mouse embryo assay.

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