Our most important asset is our hard working and experienced team.

We maintain an active research and development association with The University of Adelaide and our established client base. This has been key to product development and the success of continually improving media formulations and IVF systems. 

Professor Jeremy Thompson

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

An expert in cattle early embryo development and pioneer of the specialised IVF media formulations. Jeremy brings nearly 30 years’ experience in research in cattle and human reproductive technologies. Jeremy provides valuable insights into product development to maintain the company’s strong R&D pipeline.


Marie Ellul

Chief Executive Officer

Marie has completed her MBA with the University of Adelaide and brings close to a decade of experience in technical and theoretical mouse and bovine embryology. Marie develops and implements the company’s business plan and marketing strategies, establishes relationships with company stakeholders with special focus on customer relationships and consultation.  

Madeline Batsiokis

Sales and Marketing Officer

Madeline has extensive experience working with cattle oocytes and embryos in commercial and research laboratories. She has worked in and set-up laboratories across Kenya, Spain, Brazil, China and within Australia, and trained many staff members to a full proficiency as cattle embryologists. Madeline completed her Masters of Philosophy with the thesis titled “Bovine in vitro embryo production (IVP): assessment of two new approaches to improve the efficiency of embryo production”.

Francois Duvenage

Commercial Advisor

Francois has completed a law degree and his MBA (Strategy and Technology Management). Francois’ experience includes educating researchers in commercialisation, managing strategic investor relationships, negotiating licensing deals, and the establishment of spin out companies.