My overall research interest is the impact of the micro-environment surrounding oocytes and embryos, especially nutritional factors, within both the in vivo (follicular/oviduct/uterine) and in vitro environment. This encompasses the following research:

Hypoxia, Hypoxia inducible factors and their role in reproduction

My laboratory has had a long standing interest in the role of oxygen concentration in regulating events within the female reproductive tract. This is primarily because both oocytes (within follicles) and pre-implantation stage embryos (especially within the uterus) develop in what is normally considered low oxygen concentration environments. We have focussed on the role of the transcription factor, Hypoxia Inducible Factor, in regulating a number of transitional events, such as follicle antrum formation, corpus luteum formation, early embryo development and implantation.

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