Have you tried a new commercial media system that appears to work in other labs, but you were dissatisfied with the results?  It is not that the media was ‘bad’, but that the differences in protocol between what is practised versus what is recommended by the media provider is not the same.  This is particularly so for IVM, the most sensitive part of the IVP process.  This sensitivity is due to the higher demands for substrates in the media by cumulus-oocyte complexes relative to denuded zygotes and embryos, simply because of the large number of cumulus cells co-incubated that significantly impact media formulation over the maturation period.  Evaluation of different IVM media systems using abattoir-derived COCs is further likely to distort results, as these COCs will have far more cumulus compared with OPU-derived COCs.

Over many years, ART Lab Solutions has been developing their IVP system with commercial embryo producers.  Yes, we validate our media with an independent source of abattoir-derived oocytes (and a 1-cell mouse embryo assay as well), but the proof for commercial operators is OPU-derived oocytes.  We have serviced numerous commercial operators, both Australian and International for many years with whom have been achieving pregnancy results of around 45% from thousands of embryos, from a large variety of cattle breeds and during all seasons. If you have any concerns about your commercial or research operations please contact us admin@artlabsolutions.com.