After a successful International Embryo Technology Society 2019 Meeting new connections were established between both academic and industry professionals.

During the time in New Orleans ART Lab Solutions were able to:
  • Build global engagement by working with the wider IETS community.
  • Share knowledge from all levels and disperse it to benefit others.
  • Gain insight into knowledge gaps and assess areas for improvement.
  • Focus on growth of the cattle in vitro embryo production industry as a whole.
  • Strengthen relevance by enhancing our reputation and positioning within the livestock breeding industry.
So, what’s next? ART Lab Solutions will be attending the European Society of Embryo Technologies in Murcia, Spain 13th & 14th September 2019. We hope to see you there!

ART Lab Solutions exists to support innovation and provide quality of service. ART Lab Solutions provides IVF products and services to the cattle breeding industry, plus to other livestock industries.