What is your lab’s current cattle IVP blastocyst rate from abattoir-collected oocytes?  30% from fertilized oocytes? Or is it more like 40%, or even 50%?  What about over 70%?  Have you ever seen those results over several runs, months apart?

ART Lab Solutions is announcing that we have made a breakthrough in IVP technology, where over 70% of fertilized oocytes (over 60% of all oocytes) form good quality blastocysts.  And no CO2 atmosphere or special gas mix is required for IVM, making it ideal for “Transport IVM”.


Figure 1. COCs matured in Transport VitroMat for 24 hours in 38.5°C environment. Represented as pooled data from 230 COCs over several experimental replicates.

The high development rate (>70%) from our media is a result of over 25 years of research, development and industry consultation, led by the company’s founder, Professor Jeremy Thompson. Industry standard rates rarely exceed 40%.