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Our Vision Going Forward.

We are the innovators providing products and product development to those who are themselves engaged in delivering reproductive technologies within the cattle breeding industries.

Through innovation and quality of service, we deliver technologies that make a positive impact to valuable animal breeding. We source our innovations through our own research and those we collaborate within both an academic and commercial environment, providing a means of translating their research into industry sought-after innovation.

Your Mission is our Mission.

The establishment of ART Lab Solutions built upon decades of research into assisted reproductive technologies undertaken by Prof Thompson. Based on intellectual property developed at the University of Adelaide, the company has a suite of proprietary media formulations for use in cattle IVF processes.
ART Lab Solutions base IVM media resulted in 10% greater blastocyst development over published commercially available media!
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ART Lab Solutions Cattle IVF Media a Success!
Meet South African Boran & Wagyu calves, successfully derived using the ART Lab Solutions complete IVF media suite.