Delivering solutions for cattle breeding.

We enable rapid genetic gain and improve the efficiency of breeding programs. As leaders in IVF technology for cattle breeding, we’re fostering rapid genetic improvement through the use of the best bull and cow genetics. 

We work with others that deliver IVF to dairy and beef breeders. This is how we are able to develop our pipeline of products focussed on improving your cattle breeding results.

Watch our story to better understand our mission, and how it benefits you.


Our history

Led by the company’s Founder, Professor Jeremy Thompson has invested over 35 years of research into the cattle IVF space. Through continuous research and development, ART Lab Solution’s media formulations have been optimised to suit the cattle embryo. Special focus during the maturation stage of development is critical to overall embryo developmental competence.  

ART Lab Solutions exists to provide breeding solutions to vets, cattle breeders, embryo providers and academic institutions.